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Friday, February 17, 2012

Small world

Yes, it is a small world isn't it. On Tuesday I was invited to do a trunk show at an Art Quilt group in Summerfield. I had such a nice afternoon spending time with another talented group of women. They were very receptive to seeing my art work and I was so happy they shared some of their work with me.
As it turned out, I was talking with one lady about her shibori fabric (pic below). Her name is Kay Sorensen, and as we chatted, we decided we must 'know' each other through our blogs (which was half true). The other half turned out to be our connection was the group quilt, To Market, that we both contributed to!!! Is that funny or what! I'm so glad Kay remembered because I might still not have made the connection. I knew Kay's name from her blog and of course her work. She was also kind enough to post on my trunk show! Thanks, Kay!!! So nice to 'meet' you again!
Kay's shibori fabrics were REALLY nice! She said she had lots more and I'm sure she did! This next piece was from another member...and I apologize as I didn't take notes on who made what!'s a cut-a-way piece that each member did one month.
Another monthly project was using leaves that were preserved with glycerin oil.
Beth, who invited me made the fabric box cover on the top/left. I didn't get a chance to get a better picture of it but it was nicely done. She took a picture and then did watercolor on fabric then a log cabin design around it. Nicely done as were the other pieces you can see.
And this technique was something I hadn't heard of. You take soda ash soaked fabric, then sprinkle dye power mixed with some table salt and sprinkle from a salt shaker! Look at the pattern produced! I have to try this for sure.
The Art group were so nice and I wished I had more time with each of the ladies but it was Valentine's day wasn't it! As it turned out, we ended up going out for dinner with two other couples...spontaneous really. Bob and I don't go out for Valentine's day..just too many people...but fortunately for us, we eat early here in Florida so we missed the 'rush'!
Tomorrow I'll post some of my projects I'm working on and I also have to upload pics from the guild meeting I attended last night. Another small world story!!


  1. Another feast for the eyes. That soda ash fabric is quite something! wow.

  2. I might have to try the salt shaker idea - the results are very interesting!

    You have the two word verification too! And you're right! Very hard to read.