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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FMQ Challenge Tutorial with Diane Gaudynski

I posted about a week or so ago on a monthly FMQ challenge that is being offered on SewCalGal's blog. Of course I had to sign up for it!
This month's tutorial was by the wonderful quilter, Diane Gaudynski. I've always love Diane's work so I was pretty excited to study her tutorial and get started making feathers!
This green piece is the first practice piece and I actually quilted it on some silk dupioni that I happened to have in the half dozen pieces of fabric I brought with me! I have no idea why I did bring it to Florida but I really love the look. Diane has an entirely different way to 'draw' your feathers which I like. You're not going over stitches twice like you do with some of the other methods.

Next I had a piece of hand dyed brown fabric so I started feathers on it too.
This is the back of the piece. This fabric is a piece of hand dyed that I used wood chips to acquire a pale beige color. It looks more white in the picture but there are areas that are 'tan' and beige.
And here is the piece all finished with some hand dyed fabric for the binding. The sun was shining so bright the pic is a little glossy! It does look nice on the marble coffee table so I think I'll just leave here for Larry and Jan.
I am really happy with the feathers and the technique Diane showed us. I love feathers but don't really use them often in my pieces but who knows...maybe I might incorporate in one of my art pieces after all!
Yesterday I went to a Deb Web community in Summerfield and did a trunk show for an Art Quilt group! I'll post pics tomorrow when I upload. It was such a nice afternoon meeting so many nice women!! Thanks again, Beth for the invite!
Kalee and I took our walk so it's blog/email time then hopefully to do some beading or more feathers!


  1. I'm pea GREEN......this is one skill that eludes excuse since I'm friends with some of the very best instructors in this country....pure laziness on my part not to dig in and get it done! You've inspired me!

  2. Fabulous Feathers!!!!

    I really would have liked to play along but I promised myself not to sign up for anything else until I have met all my other I will have to live vicariously through others :-)

    I will enjoy watching your progression

  3. This turned out beautifully! I appreciate the link and have tried out the January project. Still need to do the feathers. Looking forward to seeing the presentation photos.

  4. Your samples are simply gorgeous! You're a wonderful quilter!
    Pat in Oregon

  5. I would definitely recommend you use this technique often - you execute it so well!

  6. Your feather quilting pieces are stunning. I can't even imagine doing this type of sewing. Beautiful...

  7. Your feathers are inspiring. I love the effects on different types of fabrics. Beautiful work.


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