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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Valentines

I think I'm finished with my Valentine wishes for 2012! I mailed off about 12 today so that puts me over 20 (again). I made these from note cards and fused fabric that I tangled on. Have to do something with all that fused fabric, right! Some don't have fabric and only tangles that I did using a Prismacolor illustrator pen. Really nice! Just like the micro pens but quite smooth and stays firm. It comes in different sizes but that's for another post!
Until then, off for bike ride (already did the Kalee walk and dog park)! Dinner with C & T at Harry's tonight! Have to 'ride off' some calories so I can eat more tonight!

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  1. Lovely notecards... and you're way ahead of the game as it's only the 9th! Good for you.


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