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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This and that!

My friend, Susan, had a little medical scare the other day...she's doing ok (so far!) and so I made her this little card today. Her computer died so I know she won't see the card online before I get it delivered to her house.
And then...long story....but my grand daughter took her first sewing class at JoAnn's a few weeks ago. They made a pillow case and she sent it to me for Valentines! I finally received it (that's the long story on the route it took from Michigan!) last week so I wanted to thank her again!! And it's signed so grandma will always remember when and who made this beautiful pillow case!!! Thank you, Sweet Pea!!! I love the pillow case and will keep it forever!!!!!

I'm making progress on my loom beaded bracelet.
And check out the Valentine card I receive from my friend, Karen, back in Michigan! I love ginkgo leaves so this is very special. Thanks, Karen!!
Today I'm just playing with bead embroidery, looking at some designs and next I'll do some more stitching on my Georgia piece. I have some ideas for quilting the piece but won't start anything until I have all the areas stitched around the leading.


  1. How thoughtful the pillowcase gift is! And pretty, too. The bead pattern is fascinating to watch unfold. Hope your friend does well... the card will cheer her. Need to go see Kalee's blog... haven't checked up on her lately. I did visit the horse art website.. lovely work.

  2. Your card will certainly cheer up your friend. Very sweet pillowcases your girls make for you and signed. Love your newest bracelet design. Fabulous Treasures...


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