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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just getting back to normal...well, kinda!

Yes, my life is getting back to somewhat normalcy! At least 75% so! I did get a lot done this past month so I'm happy about that. Now if I could only do some hand work or beading at night watching the boob tube...but I do owe it to Kalee to play and sit with her as well...especially if we go out for dinner. I always feel guilty when we get home so it's play time!
My beaded loom piece is coming along and I love the pattern. I just might have to make another one in the same pattern. Just not sure of the colors I'll want.
And...I happened upon a free motion quilting challenge on SewCalGal's blog. She's having a different machine quilter present tips/technique/tutorials monthly. I just signed up so of course I'm already a month behind...but I did manage to complete the January FMQ using a leaf stitch which was shown by Frances Moore. February is Diane Gaudynski.
This is my little piece...nothing special just playing with using Frances' leaf pattern.
I posted on some BD presents I rec'd in January and one of those was a small beaded piece my friend, Marilyn, gave me. She said she thought I could use the beads. She took this piece from an old purse she had. Well, I couldn't take apart the beads because I thought the design was so nice. So I painted a small canvas board, then attached the piece using the holes that were already on the piece. I think it turned out not too bad and I'm going to give it back to Marilyn as a present. Marilyn and John are always so generous having everyone to their house for dinners. This is a small gift for sure but "waste not, want not"!!
So off to make a lemon pie now...then dog walk...then get ready for another night of eating out!! NO, I am not complaining!! Just lovin' Florida! Temps are suppose to get down to high 20's tonight but back up to 60's then 70's again next week. Cold for the Ocala folks but beautiful weather for this Michigan gal!


  1. Just enjoy yourself! That is the thing about being retired. We sometimes forget that there really is no pressure to do everything.

    Enjoy your puppy and friends.......

  2. Your post reminds me of my new favorite quote, “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”
    ― John Lennon
    Joyful weekend...

  3. Such a clever and impressive way to show off the beaded design!


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