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Sunday, February 19, 2012

More progress!

Before I get into some of my projects I've been working on...check out the Valentine post card my friend, Carol T made me. Carol has been working in pencil/watercolors/drawing and becoming more than proficient in this medium! She's has taken and continues to take online classes and sure is having fun at it! I can see where it's less mess/fuss than quilting or dyeing/painting fabric! Thanks, Carol!

So here is another FMQ piece I did for the challenge I posted on. I've actually put some binding on this piece (9"x12") but haven't taken that pic yet. I added the circle type feather which was fun to attempt! Some of my feathers look a little funky but it all just takes practice. I haven't been doing much FMQ'ing lately due to beading and baby (Kalee)! Good to have this challenge so I get back in the swing of it.
And for those who follow my blog, you might remember my Georgia on my Mind piece I started for our Master's Exhibit. You can see how it was started or progressed on my old post here.
I had a few minutes (ha!) to kill the other day so I layered the piece and I've started quilting around each of the stained glass pieces (ok, I don't know what else to call them!). I'm still not sure how i want to finish off the quilting on this. I may even do some stab stitching in areas rather than FMQ'ing but who knows.
I do use spray adhesive to sandwich my layers but decided I best put in some safety pins as I haven't a clue when I'll get back to working on the piece. Reason being, I did stop at the bead shop yesterday (The Bead Strand - best bead shop around!) and picked up a clasp to put on my beaded loom bracelet.
Something interesting I found while doing this piece. For my first few pieces, I've used Fireline (6 or 8lb wt) to use for the warp and to sew beads on. The last two pieces I've made on the loom I've used Nymo thread (D)...both of these turned out a lot stiffer than the ones I made using Fireline. Now you'd think the Nymo thread would have a softer feel to I'm going to make another bracelet using this same pattern but use the Fireline. At least I'm thinking that's the only difference I did!
Well, off to bath Kalee so she'll be pretty to meet her cousin!! I'm looking forward to spending time with my sister and her friends! She and Nancy are planning a dinner party for ten people Monday night! Should be fun!


  1. Your feathers look fine! I did a small tester, and don't hate the feathers, so that's progress. I have a ways to go though. Nice variety of projects to look at in this post.

  2. Each of your pieces are stunning. The beaded bracelet is wonderful. I am surprised about the Nymo vs Fireline. Your stained glass piece is stunning with the black and brights. I don't see any feather flaws...they all look fabulous to me. Serene Sunday...

  3. as always i love what you create. the valentine post card is sweet, too. but, not being a quilter, i don't know what fmq'ing means. (?)


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