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Monday, April 4, 2011

Georgia Back on My Mind!

Yep, this little guy above is the newest member of the family. Amber is playing with 'Spike' (ok, I'm not the best grandma - I'm not sure that's his name!). He really belongs to Nick but sometimes Nick is camera shy. I took this picture while skypeing the kids yesterday. I have to admit he is a cute little guy. I just don't want him to come and live with grandma and grandpa!

Making progress, whew, on 'my bird'..finished both wings. Actually, I've beaded on this more than it shows because I've been ripping out more beading than beading! At times I just don't like the direction that I'm beading so rip, rip, rip! I had his entire head beaded but I didn't like it so.....I think I have more beads on the couch and floor than I do in my tray. I'm not a good 'ripper/outer'! The picture below is my original "Georgia on my Mind" piece I'm doing for the Inspired by the Masters exhibit back home. I just wasn't happy with the leading/black fabric because it was fraying so much. From a 747, the piece looks pretty good but up close there are some areas that are just not well done. I will finish it and most likely hang in my sewing room or just leave as is and use as a practice piece (per Susan).
So here's my redo! Fortunately, I had enough of my original fabric so I could redo without purchasing more. Buying fabric isn't something I do back home because I have so much commercial and hand dyed fabrics. My shortcut is to put fusible web on my muslin background then fuse my pieces to it. Susan hand bastes her pieces but I like to cheat!
This is the back of the piece where you draw with Micron pen where each fabric piece butts up to one another. This is your leading line.
Yippee!! My piece is all basted and ready for that 'first cut'!!! I bought some black/blue batik for the leading so I know it won't fray like the Kona I bought! Duh! Kona cotton!! I know it frays..what was I thinking! Now I can start packing up my sewing and art work. I love hand work so between my beading and this applique piece I'll be happy.
We only have two weeks left and we're both sad about leaving. We just love being here in Ocala. There's so much to do and you don't have to drive far to do any of it! It's always hard for us to leave but we love our home back in Michigan and do miss our family and friends so packing will be started! It's already 68 degrees, Bob off golfing outside the community today. I'm getting ready for my bike ride and to start my day. Bath time perhaps for Mandy and then play time for me! OK, packing then play time for me!!


  1. i'll take your word for it that your quilt is fraying in some spots. in pics it looks great. sometimes the best thing to do is a redo since we've learned what NOT to do the first time around. your bird is coming along wonderfully!

  2. Eeeek -- "Spike" reminds me of "Repeat," who stayed when the "adult" son moved back out. Good luck with that (heh heh heh).
    Love the bird and Georgia.
    Don't be sad -- it's going to be 70 (!) in Wisconsin this weekend!!!!!

  3. Simply stunning. I love the flow and texture of your wings!