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Thursday, February 23, 2012

National Margarita Day? & beading!

So who knew! There's really such a thing as National Margarita Day! As it turned out we did go to our favorite Margarita 'fountain' last night with Carol and Tony. We just didn't know we were celebrating anything! We had lots of laughs and good food and drinks, as usual.
But because I didn't know February 22nd was National Margarita Day, we are all going out again tonight! Jan and Larry are over and our foursome has turned into a night on the town with several other couples. So it looks like it will be another margarita night! Fine with me!

I started another cuff on the loom in black and white AND I'm using 6lb Fireline and Silamide thread. I can already feel this is going to turn out more flexible than my last cuff. So I'm thinking it could be because of the 8lb fireline used in the warp??

Sherry from Createology suggested I might do some research on the FireMoutain web site. Sherry thought she remembers seeing some tips/hints on the use of different types of thread and use of Fireline. Thanks, Sherry! I'm going to check that out.
My pics are out of order...I was going to show the cuff I finished but here's the binding I added on my FMQ'ing challenge piece. It was actually one of the fat quarters that Beth gave me (from the art quilt group in Summerfield). I usually put on a contrast color binding but decided I just wanted to keep this piece 'quiet'! It's small enough to use back home in one of the rooms to set something on!
So here's my cuff finished and the ring I made to go with it. The colors are prettier in person. Very rich with the different shades of gold.
Well, I best get moving...I did do some cleaning and two loads of laundry so far...but I'm much prefer to be that's what I'm doing next. Later I'll take Kalee on her 'long' walk then shower and get ready to celebrate Margarita Day, one day late! Life's tough but someone has to do it! And if you didn't know about Margarita Day yesterday, go have one (or two) today! Birthday's can be late so why not celebrating a holiday late!


  1. Love the free motion~~excellent job!
    BTW, have tried to e-mail you and my mail gets kicked back as *Spam*.
    Now, granted, I LOOK like Spam, and I have EATEN Spam, but my e-mails really are NOT Spam! LOL!!!


  2. National Marguerita Day! Oh Ha HA!

    That is funny!

    Who knew?

  3. Love the beaded bracelet and ring. So much cooler than mine.


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