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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Some friends

About a week ago I was lucky to meet up with some 'like' minds for a few hours of show and tell and gabbing!  Front row is Kay, Nancy,  in the back is Beth (holding the camera! - She has longer arms than I do!) and myself.

Of course, we had lunch and home made cookies for a treat, compliments of Beth.  I brought Heart Shaped donuts for our morning treat!  YUM...

And this is a little fairy that Beth made me.

Actually, she made each of us a fairy!  Aren't the 'girls' cute together!

Nancy made this name tag by creating her name with embroidery machine work.  I forget the name of the 'little' men around her name.  Nancy and her hubby are travelers and she brought this back from one of their trips.

I enjoy these ladies so much and it's great to share  tips/tricks/ideas and even their 'finds'!

Speaking of which,  Nancy attended the quilt show at the Villages a few weeks ago and these were some of her finds.

This is cork fabric!  Who knew!

Isn't it beautiful!  Can't wait to see what Nancy does with this.  It feels so soft and smooth!

I've never used dye sticks before, so I'm anxious to see how Nancy uses these.

And check out some of Nancy and Beth's deconstructed screen prints!

Nancy got great color and patterns!
Beth used stencils (face) and some grunge board for the key
Nancy added some yellow dye to release the rest of the thickened dye

Closeup of Beth's face stencil

More of Nancy's prints

Beth was encouraged to work a series of faces

This was a stencil she used acrylic paint on
What a fun afternoon of show and tell and gab!  Hope you enjoyed seeing what talented folks I surround myself with!  I'm  looking forward to getting together again soon!


  1. Someday…..yup, someday I hope to join you all for some fiber fun!

  2. You creative talents sure stick together. I love those fairies. They look like they are doing yoga. Do you happen to know if she used a pattern and what it is? I collect those little men and women Beth used. I can't for the life of me remember what they are called but I always pick them up when I see them. South Bend used to have an Ethnic Festival and there was always a booth that sold items from Peru and other South American countries and that is where I got my first ones.
    xx, Carol

  3. Those cute little dolls are called "worry dolls" and they're from Mexico and Central America. I remember them from when I lived in El Paso. Wikipedia has a good definition of them.

  4. Love everything...the dolls are darling, the deconstructive screen prints are so interesting, the faces...I especially love the faces and use them often also!....what a great day you've had!

  5. So much inspiration packed into one post- Beth's dolls are really something, and I love the faces in the fabrics. Add snacks- instant fun.

  6. You and your friends have such amazing creative talents. WoW!!! I love cork fabric and purchased a clutch in blue with silver flecks from my friend Donna of Brynwood Needlesworks. The feel is delicious and I cannot stop "petting" it. Gorgeous! She makes wallets and clutches and cross body clutches also. Those fairy dolls are enchanting!


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