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Sunday, February 26, 2017

More EARS pics!

If you're expecting art work, just go to another blog for today....I'm showing more  pictures from our EARS tour this week!!  Sorry!

There is a 'domestic' cat that stays in with the cougar...and the dog just watches!

There are four deer also on the property.  Each was homeless and rescued by state troupers...and named by them when dropped off!

This particular bear loved the water!!!

This next little one loved the tour guide, Andy!!!  She or he (I can't remember) lost their room mate a few weeks ago and just hung on to Andy.  He had peanuts, which the other monkey's would reach in and grab but this little one just wanted to be touched and rubbed.  So sweet!

This is the types of monkey used in research...I don't know that he was but he won't be used for that now!

His expressions were priceless!  Reminded you of a little old man!

Another one who loved Andy but also loved the peanuts!  He would hang on by his tail and reach in the jar for the peanuts!

Another beautiful cat!!!

Looking at one of the enclosures and out area.

I could go back tomorrow to see all these animals again!!!  Just awesome....but I guess now it's time to get back to some artwork!  Maybe!


  1. There are rescue sites in Indiana that I have wanted to visit, including one for wolves. Also, I heard there was an Elephant one in Tennessee. How sad when animals have to be caged, but there is a lot of poaching in their homeland too so maybe caged is somewhat better in some cases.,

  2. Robbie these photos really touch my heart. I adore that each of these animals has been rescued and now has a home and food and love. Isn't that all any of us really want in life? Okay...and lots of crafting supplies! Thank you for sharing EARS. Lovely Week Dear <3

  3. What a great visit! I think I need to organize a visit and private tour like you did. How long were you there for your tour? What a wonderful thing.


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