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Friday, February 3, 2017

It's done!!!

Woo hoo!! Yep...I finished this bugger! 

This is a picture of the  puzzle finished.  It measures 18" x 24".  I know it looks like the cover on the box but it isn't! HA And yes, that is a bottle of wine next to it!

This is the cover picture on the box!

 Every time I walked by the puzzle I had to try and add a piece or two or three or four!!  Talk about obsessive!  Yikes!  It was fun but I'm now done with it and going to give it by the by gift giver for her to put together. She's also getting a bottle of wine!  You need that to work on this!   HA

Wednesday, was of course!, 99 cent margarita night!  Bob and I had some errands to run and then headed off for El Toreo's.  Sally and Dan met up with us too!  What a nice evening we had chatting, drinking and eating!  I was good and walked the dogs when we got home after all that food and drink!!  But then I have some fudge...ok, several pieces of fudge!  But I deserve it!  After all, I did finish the puzzle, right!

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