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Sunday, February 5, 2017

This past Thursday our dinner with the gang was at Pavarotti's here in Ocala.  And these are the wonderful Garlic Knots they serve!  Yum, yum!!!

Of course, Bob was having a good were the rest of us!

Bob had chicken Marsala and said it was delicious and I had a slice of cheese pizza (it was huge!) and a side salad.  But then I won't tell you how many 'knots' we each ate!

And this is the beautiful Aunt Jan with Gigi!  Gigi's eyes were actually sweet.

I'm now thinking of the next ideas for the online challenge.  Theme is 'communication'....need to get started on this one!



  1. You all always look like you are having such a great time….Florida agrees with you!!!

  2. I have never had garlic knots but I will when the opportunity arises. Terry has a favorite place we go to eat every Saturday for Walleye so it's hard to get him to go somewhere else. The only place I know that has GK here is Papa John's and we don't go there! Eat some for me!
    xx, CArol

  3. Love the garlic knots..looks like the ones we used to get at Scalinis in Atlanta...dripping with garlic and olive oil...It's shameful how many of those one can chow down so quickly!