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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Who knew trying to find the right 'blue' beads for a squirrel would be so difficult!  Last week I stopped at my favorite bead shop here in Ocala! and picked up some lighter shades of blue/grays for my squirrels chest/belly area.   See the arrows...I want those a different shade from his body...Of course, the beads were not the right color so on Sunday, my bud Sally and I headed off to the bead store.  I exchanged the beads for a few different colors...still not sure it's going to work...but in the meantime....

I decided to remove the beading from around the little guys head.  Kate, from Kate Boyan's Gallery, gave me a great suggestion a few years back to outline bead my piece before I start the 'real' beading.  This was and still is a good suggestion but for this little guy I want his 'fur' beads to be more fur like?  OK, I can't think of a good word for it but I think it will work out.   So I did some unbeading...a little like 'unsewing'!   And then I started beading his little whiskers and his eye.  I'm happy with the eye and add'l whiskers will be added after he's attached to a quilt.

I finished his back/tail area and started on his shoulder area. He's coming along!!!  Slow but sure!


  1. I’m loving this…..even more knowing how difficult the stitching is for your wrist!

  2. Little feathery hairs around his face perhaps? Your squirrel is coming right along.
    xx, Carol

  3. Your are getting close to finish. Maybe a different shape of bead.

  4. You *have* to be picky when it comes to bead many colors and finishes to choose from! I know you'll get the exact right color :-)

  5. My gosh, you are getting a lot done on this piece! He/she is REALLY looking good. Is the piece "heavy?"

  6. Blue Squirrel is divine. Your beading skills are amazing and I totally agree with taking out the face outline. Bead colors are very tricky...especially in different lighting. Happy Beading Dear and do take care of your wrists. <3


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