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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Playing with Alcohol Inks - 2

So here are some of my results.  I am showing the failures first!  Probably should wait until the end but heck, let's just get it out of the way! HA

Failure 1..bottom..
I used a heavy weight paper so my straw didn't move well and the ink just soaked into the paper!

Drops of ink are placed in a row (red/yellow/green/blue/purple for example) then use the side of a straw to move the inks creating a round shape.  Peggy's turned out great (see my post from yesterday)!!!

The top piece is just a bad choice of inks!  HA

Failure 2...spraying paper with alcohol then drops of ink on top.  Again, I was using a heavy weight paper and not the Yupo.

Failure 3...I was using Tyvek fabric/paper...colors awful and the paper just soaked the ink right up!

Now some success pieces!  At least I think so...These were my  Yupo paper covered with hand sanitize!   Then drops of alcohol inks dripped on top.

Both of these turned out quite nice.

Back to covering a sheet of paper with inks, although I was using the shiny side of freezer paper.   I used my  fingers to spread the inks!

 Next you squirt several lines of ink onto the paint then take wax paper that you have fan-folded and press the paper/folds into the ink; tilt the paper and squirt another color of ink under the waxed paper folds allowing the ink to drop down under the wax paper.

These are my favorites!

I kept the wax paper with the ink on them!  I know I can use them somehow/somewhere!!??
This piece was using saran wrap in place of wax paper.  Similar technique.  This is always a good technique to try.  Works really well with sun printing to give a crackle effect.  

This next piece was just placing inks on freezer paper (shiny side) and spraying with alcohol.  

Of course, you always have to save your 'rag' or drop cloth.  Peggy is curious as to what I'll use this for!  Actually so am I!  But hey, you never know!

What fun!!!  Next month some buds and I are going to play with alcohol inks on fabric!  Now that's going to be a fun one too!!!!  I know...I just have too much fun!


  1. It’s fun seeing the techniques you used……our group gets so scattered and excited that we often drift off along other avenues, then whoosh….the day is gone. Since I’m trying to avoid adding yet another interest to my list of activities, I’m trying to stay away from working with paper….though your results are very tempting….tx’s for sharing. Can’t wait to see what you gals do next!

  2. I have never used these inks, so it is fun to "see" you play with them. I'm anxious to see the effects you can get on some fabric. Will it be permanent?

  3. I don't see any failures because paper can be used for so many purposes including as "packing" material inside a gift box. You have lots of beautiful results including the wax papers. How do your fingers look? Or Did you wear gloves? Fortunately the fur children did not participate in the inkings! Wonderful Week Dear...<3