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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gracie - March 30, 2015

Hard to believe it's been two years since our Gracie passed.  I know it's hard for folks who have never had a bird but the bond between Gracie and I was deep. I purchased Grace in the early 80's - longer than Bob and I have been together!
You can read more about our  bond on my post from 2015 here.  She was special for sure.  And I honestly miss her to this day.


  1. A heartfelt and touching post about Gracie!!

  2. I know the bird bond. Even though mine was a parakeet, I LOVED that bird. When we were first married, Terry worked on the dock of a regional truck company. When the economy tanked when the war ended, if he wanted a job he had to drive over the road. He bought me Ralpie to keep me company while he was gone. (we didn't have a dog then). Ralphie was nuts and did tricks. He only lived a few years. I believe he had a stroke. I never wanted another bird. No other bird could compare.
    xx, Carol

  3. I know the love and bond of a bird. Your tribute to Gracie is very beautiful. Not everyone gets to experience such unconditional love and connection. We are the fortunate few. Blessings Dear...XO

  4. I've had parakeets ever since I was a little girl and I know how strong the bond can be. Hugs.


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