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Sunday, March 5, 2017

The 'stamp' of friendship!

Saturday a few of my art friends came to the house so we could carve our own stamps for printing on fabric.  We settled in quickly to get to work and what cool stamps they each made!

Beth, Bonnie (visiting from Michigan) and Nancy working away!

Kay was very busy and had two different types of carving blocks to work with.

The top white block is made of rubber that most of us use to carve our stamps.  This rubber block is easy to carve and gives a decent print.  Kay's bottom carving (green) is a vinyl block produced in Japan.  This type of block is used by some of your major linocut artists who print on paper.  Kay did say it wasn't hard to carve so I'm anxious to see how it prints on fabric.  

This is Bonnie who is visiting from Michigan.  Bonnie stays with Beth and her hubby and they have been best buds for years!  It's always fun to have Bonnie visit us!

Nancy was working hard even carving some rubber erasers!  Keep in mind those little erasers are only around 1/2" x 1.5"!  that's small!

The pink block Nancy is carving was really was a circle and rays extending out from the circle.  Should be a cool print.

Beth and I are the photographers so we don't get many pics of ourselves (see first pic of lady on the left!  That's Beth!).

The pink block and flower carvings are Beth's.  She also had a lino block  (grey) that she cut.  This block Beth found at Hobby Lobby.  She did a  good job of carving an interesting  geometric design.  Can't wait to see these on fabric!!

The large stamp is one I carved back in 2009 when I took an online 'lino' class from Dijanne Cevaal.  It was a great class and Dijanne provided so much information!!  I know she offers her lino online class from time to time.

Beth did get a pic of me taking pics of the group!  Go figure!

I wanted to provide the ladies a small lunch/dessert as a thank you for them inviting me to play along with them these past two winters!

We had chicken salad, fruit, cheese/crackers and cheetos (I'm hooked on these right now!).

Monday we are getting together to print on fabric with our stamps!  I can't wait to see what these talented ladies create!   I do have some show and tell from our day but I forgot to ask if I could post.  I'm sure they'll agree but just in case it's always best to ask, right.

We have been joking about what we could do with some of the carving scraps!  Oh boy!  I can honestly think of a few things but do I really need another project!  I think not!


  1. Love all the stamp carving. What fun! I have a penchant for Cheetos and Dr of the gods!

  2. Whoa! that's a fun way to spend the afternoon. It's been a long time since I carved stamps. Stamping the fabric is always fun. My latest project with stamps was a white visor stamped with bumble bees. I love it but I never wear it. Go figure.
    xx, Carol

  3. Raved stamps many years ago and it was fun. I never stamped on fabric...only cards and tags. Love the stamps you ladies carved. Monday will be a super fun day also. Lunch sounds delicious. I LOVE Cheetos and used to eat them with a Diet Coke everyday for lunch on the run. Orange fingers I DO NOT love! LOL
    P.S. Robbie you are so beautiful!

  4. Looks like your group is in full swing….too bad most or all of you are snow birds and can’t continue the fun all year round. BUT….you certainly make great use of your time together. Your stamp carving inspired me….it’s been ages since the Fiber Junkies did that….perhaps we can squeeze it in before we head outside for our spring-fall meetings at Val’s outside studio.


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