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Sunday, September 30, 2012

What a great weekend!

 What a weekend we had!!  It started off on sat. around 10 meeting up with my DIL to pick up Amber for an overnighter!  We met at one of our local greenhouses to each pick up mums.  As it turned out the greenhouse had a challenge amongst their employees to decorate for we each got to vote on our favorite.  I didn't take pics of each of the displays but I did take a picture of fingers in a glass!  Nick thought it was pretty cool!  Must be a boy thing!
For those bored with my family pics, do go to the last few pictures to see our future quilter!!!  I'm so proud of our girl! 

Now back to the Amber and I went with our mums to head back to the house and put them around the house.  Our next stop was to have some lunch in town then we headed off to the library for a reptile program!  Yep, another reptile program!  It was great!  And I do mean great!   The man presenting his reptiles was Michael Brophy.  He is a reptiles educator and a good one.  It was hard at times for him to control some of the little kids but he did a great job. 
Yep, that's our girl telling grandma to not take her picture!

This is Michael from R.E.P.T.I.L.E., Inc.

Yep, we could hold a boa!  Not me but one of the mom's...isn't she brave!

This is a Crested Gecko and adorable!!!  One of the easiest to care of the lizard family and soft!!!

This was a Blue Tongue lizard...yes, his tongue is blue!

This was a corn snake and that's our girl's hand petting him.

A rescued tortoise...sad story but he's in good hands now.

We returned home after the library program and picked up my neighbor's dog!  That's another post!

Amber and I then headed to pick up pizza for dinner from JET's, which was delicious.  Then off to the sewing room as Amber wanted to make a quilt and a snap bag!

This was her 'unsewing'...which we all know about that little task!

Amber picked out different fabrics from my stash box, using the color wheel!  This was her first two strips she made!  

And this is her 1st finished block!!  Cool isn't it!!!!
She's now the owner of her Auntie's portfolio to hold her 12" square block.  We then cut out more fabric pieces today so Amber can layout and even sew at her house another block or two.  

And check out her snap bag she made!!   I had a two small pieces of quilted fabric I keep for practicing so Amber zig-zag'd the two pieces together!  Then we added a casing, the metal tape and she then sewed the sided together!  Cool isn't it!  I am really proud of all she accomplished this weekend!! 

AND to top it off, this afternoon, Amber and I headed to Clarkston for Nick's football game...they WON!!!  Wahoo!!  They'll be in the finals!!  The team they beat hasn't lost a game this season!  I can't believe how these 8/9 year olds played!!  Talk about tackles!  Oh my gosh!!!  Nick made the final tackle and was so happy!  The entire team did a great job and our hats off to the boys for a job well done! 

So now it's time to catch up on things for our own life!  But I wouldn't trade my time with the kids for anything!  Thanks, Amber for a great time!  Like having my best friend around to laugh with, talk with and sew with!  Nothing better!


  1. so nice to hear that you and amber had such a wonderful time together. i could completely relate with your pride in her sewing. i'm teaching my sara too and she's doing such a fantastic job. amber's work looks great! congrats to nick and his football team!

  2. A full weekend! Not a fan of most of those reptiles... and what's with those fingers?? But the sewing project.. well done!


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