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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Final layout...I think!

Well, I think this is the layout for my hex's!  At least for today!  I'll let the little buggers sit overnight then I'll decide if this is it or not. 

Next will be how to keep them in their places while I piece them together!  I'm thinking of using a stickie type sheet of something...I have some ideas but not sure what will be the best solution.

Tomorrow is another work day at setting up the library book sale.  I'll  be working the book sale on Saturday but it's usually fun, even if it's a long day. 

I also starting quilting some fabric to make a snap bag!  I do entertain myself, don't I!


  1. Hi Robbie. How about using a digital photo on your computer monitor to keep the pattern correct as you have placed it. I can't imagine sticky paper. Maybe the blue painters tape as it leaves no icky sticky residue? Your colors are beautiful in this pattern. Yes, you do manage to stay quite busy. Creative Bliss Dear...

  2. Yikes.....I can NOT imagine all that work..... It's lovely!! Good job....

  3. those hex's sure do look like a lot of work! i'd be going cross-eyed looking at all those and trying to make sense of it all. your pattern is really pretty.

  4. One of the easiest ways to keep small parts in line is to string them on a piece of thread in the order they will be used for each row.
    Just run the needle right through the center of each hexagon.
    You can string all rows on the same thread if you want with a note (on paper or a scrap ) between each row.
    That way you don't risk loosing a piece, especially if you take them places to do the stitching.
    YOu just pull off a hexagon when you are ready to join it to the previous piece.


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