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Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's get back to work!

Last week was running  every day but the week was finished off with a great dinner yesterday at Darrin and Kris' to celebrate Auntie Dawn BD (it's not until this Thursday) and a partial celebration for Nick's BD (his isn't until the 26th of this month!)  Auntie will be out of town, hence, Darrin started the smoker and cooked  ribs for our celebration!  I don't eat ribs but I did eat four slices!!!  Yep...4 of them!!  They were so good!!!  Kris made a Chipotle Smashed Sweet Potato dish that was out of sight!  YUM!!!

And of course, we had to have cake, right!

It was SO good...SO rich but so good!!

 What a great time!!!  Although, the old gall bladder didn't care for all the rich food but that's too bad.  It was worth it for sure!!! 

So now back to doing some art work, right!  My friend Carol T. sent out a note to our fiber group showing the new book coming out by Carla Sonheim.  The reason Carol sent it to our fiber group is because the next Master Artist for our exhibit is Dr. Seuss!  Yep...Dr. Seuss.  If you look at Carla's drawings, you'll see some similarity in her work and the drawings from Dr. Seuss!
I get Cara's newsletter updates via email and they are so much fun to look at!  I'm not into drawing or painting but I have always thought her drawings of animals were so unique.  I've actually printed some out for Nick.  He loves to draw and Carla has shown how to start a drawing from time to time in a post.
Anyway, Carla might be a good candidate for inspiring our Dr. Seuss quilts! 
You have to check out her web site here.  And scroll back to older posts to see more of her work and her books. This new book will be out this fall!  Which is right around the corner!

Now for my are some of my hex's...I'm working on my layout but realized I needed some more darker purples.  These are only one inch hex's and the piece I need is only 9" x 30". 

So I hope to get more hex's made up and the layout settled upon!  Then I can start piecing them together. 
Still have some running this week but hopefully I'll get some sewing time in at night!  Football and baseball on TV!  Can't just sit there!!! 

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  1. The start and the pattern, to say nothing of the tiny-ness of the hexes, put me in mind of a beaded pattern. They're looking good. Nice celebration, too! OK, now... here is my 4th try at proving I'm not a robot.. my eyes are apparently not what they used to be!


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