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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hello Again!

No this isn't me!  But I should be back at it again, "on my bike", as my son said, soon!  I had gall bladder removed on Wed.  Feeling pretty good but just so darn weak and shaky!  Geezzz  I've only taken one of the Vicoden pills and that was the night of surgery.  I'm just so darn dizzy and lightheaded, but that will pass.  It's a little uncomfortable sleeping at night trying to turn and figure out which side you want to sleep on...but overall the surgery was a piece of cake.  Which, by the way, sounds good...cake!  Actually, I don't have an appetite so I'm only eating toast, soups and  English muffin but I'm sure my great appetite will come back too!
I should be back at doing some handwork soon!  Until then, hope my followers are enjoying the beautiful fall weather!  My favorite time of year!


  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I had mine out and was back to work in 10 days. I felt great, but even now I still have a little pain inside once in a while. BUT, I had a 2nd gallbladder that has some kind of cyst name that usually is cancerous when it is discovered so I am so happy I had the surgery for more than one reason!

    You'll be GREAT in time to celebrate Scary Night!!

  2. Oh feel better soon! Rest up, you'll be back on the bike in time for Florida!

  3. Do hope you recover quickly! I bet Kalee is perplexed to not have you at your energetic best at the moment. Feel better, and take it easy.

  4. My very best healing hugs for you Robbie Dear. Enjoy this rest and feel 100% very soon. Falling into Autumn Bliss...
    We are having our cold snap so the colors should really radiate brightly in a short time.


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