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Monday, October 29, 2012

My weekend

Before I get into my art work....
Tiger's - boo hoo;
Michigan - boo hoo
Lion's - yippee!  One out of 3 isn't bad!

I haven't done any free motion quilting on a consistent basis for quite sometime...just here and there and boy, can I tell I'm getting out of the rhythm! 

I started quilted some pieces of fabrics for more snap bags...this is a picture of one of the pieces I started...this is also posted on Kalee's see that 'white' stuff on the right side!  well, it almost ended up in my quilting! 

You can see where Kalee lays while I sew!  Not sure why.  She can see out the window, better I would think, by sitting in front of the window.  But, no, she likes to lay behind my machine!  Still not sure why.

This is one of the pieces I finished along with a shibori piece I did a few years ago.  I used a pale green thread which doesn't show up that well but it's ok.  Once the fabric is folded and sewn it won't matter.  Just some more fabric for snap bags!
And then I started to play around with a method Libby Lehman has shown.  It's making circles using embroidery stitches.  This is the attachment you use and it really does work well.

This is one square embroidered.

And another one finished.  This was a piece of pole wrapped shibori from a 'shibori' exchange our fiber group did several years ago.  I love the piece but only have a fat quarter size. 

I hope to quilt some more in both of these squares and use for snap bags. 

Of course I have to show my hex's!  I have 7 more rows to add to the bottom!!  I also found another piece of the screen printed fabric used in the middle.  It's only 8" x 11" but I know I'll include it somewhere...but I have to decide exactly what I'm going to do with this piece.  I was thinking of making larger hex's to be included in some strips but then..........

I'm going to be sad when I finish adding the last rows!  I've loved every minute sewing these buggers!!  I'll be going back to working on my patchwork embroidery next.  Can't just sit still trying to catch up on all our TV series.  Now that baseball is over with we can get back to some normal TV.  But wait...It's Monday night football!!! more nigh of football!!  Then we'll watch regular TV or TIVO! 


  1. Lovely FMQ stitching. The purples with green threads is very elegant. How sweet of Kalee to stay right with you while you sew. Your circles made with machine embroidery are amazing. Stay safe from the storms...

  2. Great stitching! I am intrigued by that attachment, I must see if there is something similar for my Janome

  3. All of it looks wonderfully colorful. I like the circular tool and the results are interesting. Kalee's tail... well, what can we say? She just wants to be part of what you are doing, no matter when and where! At the machine? No problem, the tail fits in there nicely. Too funny.

  4. Oh gosh - the circle embroidery you've done is gorgeous here! I love this foot, and can be so creative! The shibori looks very cool, too.


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