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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday Accomplishments

Yesterday was a productive day.  I did some cleaning then headed to my sewing room.  Lion's don't play until tonight (Tiger's are on Wed.) so I wasn't missing football.   .

I want to get started on making some more snap bags for Christmas.  This is the silk dupioni that I had free motion quilted.  It's only 4" x 5" but a good size to fit in a purse or even for putting jewelry in if you travel.  OK, I'm trying to think of ways folks might use this bag!  I made two but only took a pic of one.

Last night I put away my embroidery patchwork quilt top and got back to hex's.  I love having different hand work...yes, I get bored easily! 

The left side shows rows that are all stitched with the paper removed (English paper piecing method).  The next 3 rows are sewn together and the rest of the right side are the hex's sewn but not sewn together.  Make sense? 

I still have about 8 more rows of individual hex's that will be added.  The piece should measure approximately 9" x 30+"...let's hope.

And my last accomplishment from yesterday was to sew the clasp on my black tila bracelet.

I also put a clasp on another Tila I finished.  I just picked up a clasp for it last week but didn't take a pic.  You can see the finished bracelet here minus the clasp.  

Hubby left for golf and I'm off to meet a friend for of my favorite meals!!!  Laundry to do when I get home.  What fun!


  1. i really enjoy looking at all the variety of beautiful work you do. those hexes would make my eyes crossed in a heart beat. lol i clicked the link for the other bracelet that you didn't put the pic for on this post, and i love love love the combination of colors and the pattern of it! such wonderful work, as always!

  2. I have yet to try FMQ on silk.....this looks wonderful!
    I can think of LOTS of uses for that pretty little bag

  3. You are really being productive dear. Love the little green snap purse and your beautiful stitching on silk. The hexes are coming right along. Love your Tila bracelets...I never made any. Happy Creating...

  4. That gorgeous black bracelet would be perfect for a sophisticated Halloween outfit.


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