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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Unsewing and stamping!

 This is one of my circles I showed in my last post.  I had mentioned the green thread in the outside circle wasn't showing up "sew" I did some un-sewing!  I ripped out the outer threads and restitched using a dark purple thread.

I think this looks so much better...just gives some contrast to this circle.  It was fun playing with another idea on filling in the center of this circle.

  My 'Q' buddy in Florida asked me if I mark my circles before I stitch.   This picture shows my drawing of circles I did on tracing paper to get an idea on what size or where I wanted circles.

Once I'm satisfied with the placement, I take the same kitchen plates or lids or whatever circle I found! and traced around them using my trusty Bohin Extra Fine Mechanical Chalk Pencil & White Lead on my quilt top.  For the rest of the circles, inside stitching for example, I'll just eyeball and mark with my pencil. 
 I love this pencil!!  Of course, if I'm marking on very light colored fabric I use my Berol gold pencil or my lead mechanical pencil.  Each of these are good for marking and the marks come out easily by the end of your stitching,  but I'd be lost without my Bohin white lead pencil.  It is my most favorite tool!

I also carved a small (& I mean small stamp!) using the patterns from Geninne Zlatkis book.  This one measures around 1 1/2 - 2".  You can see my post on Geninne's book here!  I love her book!

I had a white ink pad and so stamping was called for!   Had to try out my little stamp!

The black cardstock is from a zentangle piece I made a few years ago.  I didn't want to stamp this small design on a large piece of paper so I got out my little 'tangle' book and just added the leaves to it.  It was fun to carve out this stamp but I'm not as smooth at the carving yet.  My friend suggested I purchase the Speedy Carve block that is pink.  She said they don't seem to crumble as the regular blocks do.  I see where Dick Blick has a new item called Speedball Speedy Cut Easy which is blue.  I'm going to pick up the pink at Michael's and if it crumbles then I'll try Dick Blick's block in blue.  One of these will work I'm sure.  

Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 70's here!  Now that's a perfect fall day isn't it!  I"m going to do some cleaning up of hosta plants and some other yard work, then head down for Amber's basketball game!   Of course Bob will be golfing and it will be nice not to hear him not complain about how windy or cold it is golfing.  I keep telling him he doesn't have to golf in bad weather!  But that comment falls on deaf ears...go figure!


  1. Hi Robbie...I am playing catch up as my computer has been sickly. It kept going back to 2003 and wouldn't work with any of my programs. Turns out it had Low B...battery. With a new battery so far so good. Your circle stitching is beautiful and the colors you are working with are jubilant! Blissful Stitching Dear...

  2. i'm glad you posted about that pencil. do you find it in the sewing and notions section of stores like joanne? it looks like a great tool that i should get for sara and her sewing kit.


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