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Thursday, October 25, 2012

More snap bags

 I want to get some more snap bags made for Christmas so I started to look though my fabric stash...and what did I find!   These are fabric swatches that my sister sent me several years ago!  Actually, she sent me a huge box of swatches.  I've used them in fiber postcards from time to time and they are the perfect size for snap bags.

I haven't added the casing for the ruler yet but just wanted to show how these swatch's will make the perfect size for a snap bag!  Not sure how my sister gained access to so many of these swatch books but if you get an opportunity to grab some up don't pass it up!  
 Waste not...want not!!!


  1. 4Ouch.....Xmas gifts...... oh's a coming. In the old days I'd have everything bought and wrapped (and in the mail if necessary) by Thanksgiving.....not, not so much..... Grinning..

  2. Wonderful use of fabric swatches. Your feather stitching is bliss. Happy creating...

  3. These show the quilting beautifully, too. What a treasure trove you have. Hoping Scooter and Kalee can meet!


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