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Thursday, October 11, 2012

1/3 Hex's sewn!

Yep, 1/3 of my hex's are sewn together!  Yippee!!  And I actually sewed one row together earlier this afternoon.  Actually, I haven't felt much like doing any sewing the past week but felt good enough today to do a little.  I have to say I've enjoyed sewing these little buggers together!  Nice and portable and no brain waves required!

Bob and I went out for dinner and I've eaten my calories for the day!!  I know I can gain some weight but not sure I wanted to do it all at one sitting!!  UGH!  We did have a good meal (I had Asian salad) but we also had spinach dip before dinner and dessert after!  Yes, it was chocolate! 

So I plan on sewing more hex's tonight after I work Kalee on some tricks and just sit/stay/come plus a few tricks!  We did go on our walk around noon but it was so darn windy!  Temp was 61 w/sun but that wind!  I even had on a wool cap and gloves!  Yes, I'm a wimp when it comes to the wind/cold! 


  1. Glad that your recovery is coming along well. Stay warm. Florida soon!

  2. Well you're plugging along... that's good news. Hexies looking good. Your meal ought to turn things around in the weight loss department. But very glad to hear you had an improved appetite.


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