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Monday, February 10, 2014

More Beading!

Even with our busy social life I am getting some new projects started.  My 'Q' buddy, Susan, gave me a leaf she found on the golf course.  It's huge, for a least for the leaves I find!   This picture is of the leaf printed in color...pretty greens/browns....keep in mind this bugger is approximately 12" x 11"!

This is the leaf printed in 'draft', which is what I decided I wanted for my current project.

This is the black and white picture, which I like to use for shading with my beads...Yes, I am beading this bugger!!!

What better project to have on hand while watching 6-8 hours a day of Olympics!  OK, I don't watch that much but do get at least 3 hours of TV in at night.  Perfect time for hand work!

This is what the beading I did last night.  I'm outlining the leaf first, then I'll fill in...keep in mind, I only stitch 1-2 beads at a it does take some time!

I printed out (in draft) the leaf, actually printing onto two pieces of Wash-Away Applique sheets.  The leaf was too big to print on one so I printed out both side then, because the sheets are fusible, fused them together.  Works for me....then I fused them onto a piece of bamboo batting.  I know some folks use felt, Lacy's Stiff Stuff or other beading foundation, but I find this works great for me.  I did stitch around the edges to hold better in place as the batting is quite a bit larger so it fits in my frame.

Here's a closeup of the beaded edges....once the entire piece is beaded, I'll cut it out and attach to a quilted background.   Then start on a green one!  I might even do one in red!!  Who knows...I sure don't!

Yep, we're still eating out a few times a week!!  Go figure, right!!  Last Thursday, we met the 'gang' at Blanca's, which is the restaurant here in the community!  Makes it so nice having a restaurant you can ride your golf cart to!  Although, after too many glasses of wine or margarita's you could still run into someone or a mailbox!
Saturday, we went to Carrabba's with Marcia and Gary and had a fun night.  Tomorrow,  Peggy and I are headed to the bead store and then Michael's for some yarn for, what else!, arm knitting!!  Then after dinner, we're going to the club house for 'Pickin & Grinnin'...our buddy Howard plays guitar and sings along with some other talented musicians.  It's a fun time, which we missed last month because I was at my sister's and Bob fell asleep!

 Wednesday, we're having dinner at a local hangout in Micanopy, I think it's called the Blue Highway with Marcia and  Gary...should be a fun afternoon.  Gary said he's driving so he can take us on a tour of the Micanopy!  I have been to the downtown area which is so unique & old!  I love going into the antique stores and book stores.  Talk about inventory...I don't think the book stores know the inventory they have...there are tons of book shelves just filled with books...books on the floor...on name it and it's covered with books.  Anyway, really looking forward to our afternoon with Marcia and Gary.

Then on Saturday, Susan and I are headed off to a quilt show and of course lunch on the way home....the quilt show is only held every two years but always fun to see what others are doing.

Now you can see why I only get work completed at night!  I do have some time during the day once my laundry and cleaning are out of the way.  Today, Kalee is off for her hair appointment so I'll be at home waiting for the call to pick her up.

I have also started on my Art Quilts Around the World challenge, which is a challenge for sure.  We're to pick a 'song' for the theme then create our art quilt using a technique from someone in our group.  I already have my song picked out and one of my design elements...all based on one of the ladies whose work I admire...this will be a fun piece to work on.

I do have Ian's T-shirt quilt to make for his graduation but I'm not starting on that design until March 1st.  I have all the T-shirts cut out and some already fused to stabilizer.  Figure to work on that the month of March and then quilt in the month of April.  Ian graduates the end of May so I have to have it finished!
Weather is beautiful again today so I might bead outside...just too nice to stay in!  And too nice to keep chatting on this blog!!


  1. Nice story. I hope it is me that you admire...ha,ha.

  2. Not only does your fabric and bead work amaze me...your social life does too. I love how you spend time with friends and explore new places and restaurants. This leaf is gorgeous and your beaded edging really adds to it. I shall be following your projects with excitement. Creative Bliss and Joy Dear...

  3. This leaf project is indeed impressive. I've seen those leaves, and they're as big as paper bags! Just the right project for Olympics watching. Glad you're enjoying the winter and all the outings. There's no shortage of fun things to do, right? Our cruise was indeed a fun time.

  4. I love leaves…..I'm always picking them up on my walk but rarely get around to actually drawing them. I especially like the dried and curled ones. But I NEVER considered beading one !!! Should be stunning , as is all of your work. Looking forward to progress pictures. Yes, the weather is about perfect these days…..

  5. Where would quilters be without leaves? This is a wonderful example.
    Hilary Florence


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