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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fabric Art Shop Outing!

Today I met up with some former weaver friends and a new 'friend', Jackie!  to head to the Fabric Art Shop!  
This is Jackie, Jan, Betty and I all spent out after shopping!!  Yes, those are purple bags and yes, the building and much of the inside is in purple!  This was right up Jan's alley as she is known as The Queen of Purple!  Need I say more!  
The Fabric Art Shop is such a cool place!  I've only been there once before in 2010 ( you can read that post here) and I thought it was a great store then.  I'm more impressed now since they moved to a larger building...which means more product!  
Really, we were all a little overwhelmed so we each grabbed a basket, put a few items in our baskets and told the cashier we'd be back! 
 Then off to lunch we went!  After getting refreshed with a great meal and conversation, we went back to the store and started scanning every aisle.  This place is huge and I mean huge!!  
Betty & Jan are looking over some products...and the fabric you seen behind them is only one side of three or four aisles of fabric!!!

Jackie looking over some items to put in her 'small basket' given to her by yours truly!  OK, long story, before lunch she only had one pencil to put in a basket...hence, she got the small the end of her shopping, she kept dropping her purchases because they didn't fit in the small bad!  Sorry, Jackie...but it was funny!

Jan said she was in the Witness Protection program and I couldn't take her picture...I don't think the mob reads my blog so Jan should be safe!  Besides, Betty's already turned you in - she can be bought - see that smile on her face!

Just more threads, name it!  They have every type of thread you want!!!  I was in heaven!

Now the old store had a great bathroom in purple and can see pics on my old post...and this new bathroom is also in purple and green but it's missing this door!!!  They didn't bring the door with them!  Too bad!  It was great! Is this adorable or what!!!  

I have to admit, one of the cute items in the new store bathroom is the toilet tissue rolls are all wrapped in tissue paper!!

Yes, I take pics of bathrooms...just check out my blog and you'll see quite a few pics of them!  
These are just a few items I purchased today.  I know my friends back home would love this store...they have everything you want for traditional, modern and art addition to beading, dyes, paints, whatever!!  I picked up some Jacquard paints and the new pigment powders I've been wanting to try.  It's probably good this store is in Florida or I'd be shopping every week or two back home!!!  

I did have a blast today and sure hope the four of us can get together again before we head north!  Thanks for a great day Betty, Jan and Jackie!!!!  You all rock!


  1. This looks like a really fun day! And I'll admit to taking photos of bathrooms, too, especially in quilt stores.

  2. Oh this looks like a wonderful way to spend the day...with friends and a store full of fabulous creative supplies and inspiration. You were very reserved with your purchases.

  3. Great Store. Erica's in South Bend is probably similar, but crowded. I like a store that is open and not cramped and has everything you need. Not too many of them around this area. sounds like you had a good time.

  4. What a fun day! I have yet to make it to this store, but see them at quilt shows as a vendor quite often. Putting on the to-do list.

  5. Florida, huh? I guess that's far enough from Texas to be safe. My quilting friends and I have all vowed not to buy any more fabric until we use up our humongous stashes...those vows would probably last about 15 seconds in a place like this!

  6. I've seen their signs every time we go thru Lake City but driving a 40 ft house doesn't make for easy lingering. Even tho I'm not doing fiber art anymore, my juices start flowing just looking at all the goodies.
    Maybe you will inspire me to create…..or maybe I"ll just do the shopping part.


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