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Friday, February 14, 2014

Food, fun and fabric! And a little beading!

Whew!  Think I've eaten out enough this week!   Wed. we went with Marcia and Gary to the Blue Highway and it was FANTASTIC!  What a great meal...I had one of their pizza specials which had chicken, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, cheese and their sauce...SO good!!  I could have eaten the entire pizza but behaved myself!
 This was the bar area behind where we sat.  The Blue Highway is very small so you have to get there early, which we did.  Three of us also had a salad which, for a dinner salad, was one of the best I've ever had!!  They make their own dressings, breads and pizza and all meals are served in baskets with paper or paper plates.  We both can't wait to go back!  Now I just have to hope for a rainy day so Bob's not golfing and we can go early!  Thanks for the tour, Gary & Marcia and for the great find in a restaurant!!
Last night we headed back to Longhorn Steak house with Jan and Larry...another great meal...this was our 2nd visit to this restaurant and it was another 'Yum' night!!!  Plus, you can't not have a good time with Jan and least we laughed a lot which is suppose to 'aid in digestion'...and with all we ate, we need(ed) to be helped in the digestion department!!

I am working on another project as well as beading....see, I do more than just eat and drink! These next two pictures are just sneak peaks at the challenge I'm working on for the Art Quilters Around the World challenge...these are just sneak peaks at what I'm doing!!  I made great headway this afternoon but can't post pics of what I've done so far.

And here's the progress on my leaf!!  It's coming along and I'm enjoying beading it at night watching Olympics!
Tomorrow, Susan and I are off to the quilt show in Belleview...Busy Bee's guild puts on a show every two years.  Should be a nice afternoon with my bud!  I have to take pics of the card Susan made me for Valentines!!  It's beautiful!  I also rec'd a nice scrapbooking card from Carol P. and some fudge (my favorite - and yes, some was for Bob too!) and a little flower arrangement in a beautiful heart shape vase from beautiful, Jan!!!
Today I made Bob a cinnamon bun/apple pie (recipe from Food network magazine) and meat ball sandwiches, with real beef!, to which my grand daughter said, "gee, grandma, what's happening to you in Florida!"  She knows I mainly use ground turkey and don't buy 'real' beef often!  It was so funny...she does know me well!!


  1. Your week of eating out sounds like my week...four days in a row I have eaten out with friends. That and my marathon Valentines Chocolate eating! Your leaf really looks quite real with your beaded veins. Looking forward to quilt show photos. Happy Hearts Hugs and Valentine Love...

  2. You're keeping busy for sure. is this Blue Highway in Micanopy or the new one in Ocala? That leaf is looking so good.


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