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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Appleton Museum

Today, Marcia and I headed to the Appleton Museum to check out some of the exhibits.  First off was the Canconstruction exhibit!  Locals created pieces of art using canned goods.  There weren't as many large sculptures as we thought but they were still interesting.  You aren't suppose to take pics inside the museum, which I didn't know until I just read the back of the brochure I brought home!  Oops!  Anyway, this is one of the larger pieces..all of the canned goods will be donated to local shelters.

The rest of these are center pieces which were made by a group of volunteers,  one of which is my friend, Peg (she's the arm knitter I posted about here!).  Some of these were quite clever.  I love the cat and dog!

This owl was really cute

  So next up was the Tablecloth - A Gathering of Legends.
  This was really's a linen tablecloth the wife of a motion picture salesman collected famous signatures on.  She would then embroider over each signature to preserve it.  There was an entire room with pictures of all the famous folks who signed the tablecloth.  And the tablecloth was in the center of the room on a large table.  So interesting to see the signatures of some of the old motion picture stars on this tablecloth (Dorothy Lamour was one!).  You can see the entire list here.  From that web link you can also read more about the was interesting and great that the woman's son is carrying on the tradition.  

You can go to the Appleton web site to see the other exhibits we saw or those you might be interested in seeing if you're in the Ocala area!   Oh, we also went outside to see the Bonsai exhibit but just as we started to look at the plants the rain came!  Time for lunch!  We headed off to the Ivy House and had a great lunch!  We had a fun and educating afternoon!!!   What more could you ask for!   Thanks, Marcia!!  Look forward to our next adventure!  I'm trying to talk her into zip lining with me!  


  1. This is an interesting diversion. Fun with food and charity wins. That table cloth is amazing and quite a tribute. Very forward vision of the woman to embroider the signatures to preserve them. You do love adventure BRAVE lady...

  2. Who knew canned goods could be so interesting! Sounds like a great way to spend time...followed, naturally by lunch!

  3. Hi Robbie! Stacy here; I'd love to get some of your 'watch parts' when you return home. I'm happy to trade or pay for them along with postage. I look forward to hearing back. My email is stacyhurt at rocketmail dot com


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