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Monday, February 24, 2014

Making progress on two projects...well, three actually!

Yep, I am making progress on my leaf....

Remember it's sewing on two beads at a time so progress appears slow!  In some cases only one bead at a time!  It's coming along but I'm in no's great TV work..although, Olympics are over with so now it's back to normal TV watching...I really can bead easier watching so called 'normal' TV rather than Olympics...I was always afraid I was going to miss something!  TV is more listening than watching!

Today I started sewing Ian's T-shirt quilt.  I know he doesn't look at my blog so I can post a pic of progress I made today.   This was some of the shirts laid out on the bed.
I got to squaring the shirts up and ended up only sewing together one row, which were the smallest of the shirts.
This 'row' is 72" long and 11" wide...the remaining blocks are 12" wide and vary in length.  I have to get more stabilizer tomorrow as I ran out today!  Dang!  I was on a roll but had to stop!  Next will be the hard task of laying out the remaining blocks and getting each row to measure 72"!

Peggy and I are suppose to arm knit tomorrow afternoon!  We each bought a different color yarn and will each get two scarves from the deal!  That is if we can still arm knit after a glass of wine!  If my sister can do it, so can I!  Oh, get well sis!  She has the flu!!!  Boo hoo!!!


  1. I agree with listening over watching TV. One bead at a takes as long as it takes. Fabulous T-Shirt quilt in the making. I just got my yarn for arm knitting so now I have no excuses to delay trying it. Creative Bliss Dear...

  2. I love that leaf! I just finished up a t-shirt quilt and it's at the quilters right now. This one had graphics that were all over the board size wise. Good to know I do mine the same way as you!

  3. Coming along nicely, both projects.


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