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Monday, February 17, 2014

Time to Fill in!

The leaf is all outlined with beads and now the real fun starts!!  Filling in the leaf with beads!  You can see in the middle where I started to add some beads.  Had to take Kalee for a golf cart ride then her walk, so no more beading tonight.

And this is the reason I can't bead while watching TV at night!  Too many different beads to use as well as threads.  Hence, I need to work off of a table.  Even though I use a padded board for my beads/supplies, it's very easy for them to spill...ask me how I know this!!  Hence, I can't put the board on my lap as I usually do when using only one color bead.

Also, I've almost finished quilting my piece for the Art Quilters Around the World piece!  Woo Hoo...still have lots more to do on it but at least the majority of it is finished as far as quilting!   Here's another peak but that's all I can show until March 31st!  

So tonight I'll catch up on some emails/blogs and you tubes (love Zak George for dog training!) and of course, L & L Kemshall...I'm behind in their blog and Design Matters TV series. 

Have to show a few items I received for Valentines!  This fiber card is from my bud, Susan!  She only makes one card each Valentine's Day and it's for me!  How lucky am I!!  I love it.   

And this scrap booking card is from Carol here in the community.  Cute isn't it!

And this beautiful bouquet is from Jan!  Yep, I can't get the bugger to turn properly!  Grrrrr...a shame, because it's really beautiful!!  Thanks ladies!!!!


  1. Consider using a jelly roll or low sheet cake pan as your lap board...if beads spill they stay in the pan.....been sharing this tip with my students for years.

  2. How many beads have we spilled and never been able to retrieve?!! Your leaf will be amazing. Love the spiral sneak peek. Kalee must love her golf cart rides to go walking. Lovely Valentines you received. Blissful Beading Dear...

  3. Your valentines are gorgeous and unique. Great friends.

    I bead on a large tray. I lined the tray with suede that was spray glued on. I use glazed terra cotta type plant saucers to keep beads in while I am working. (the small ones ) They stack nicely and I use a different saucer for each color.

    I noticed in your picture that you have spools of thread on your bead tray. What type of thread do you use?

    I swear, I don't know how you get so much done. I have become a bit lethargic this stinking winter--6 new inches of snow last night with blowing and drifting causing 2 hour delays at school (we transport my youngest grandson because he goes to a school out of his district).

    XX from frozen northern Indiana.

  4. That bead set up does take some thought to keep everything straight. The leaf is looking wonderful! Someone gave me an acrylic tray with a velvet covered padded surface inside. The edges keep the beads from going on the floor, even when they get out of control on the padded surface. Nice valentines!

  5. Your leaf will be so beautiful as is everything you create. Those pesky beads don't want to stay where they belong until you stitch them down. What a challenge! And those of us with cats have even more of a challenge! You received some lovely cards, lucky you.


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