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Friday, February 21, 2014

Where did the week go!!!

Is it because we're getting older our days and weeks go by so fast or is it because we're 'old' retirees and just having too much fun!  Inbetween all that, I am working away on two projects!  And ya all just thought I was having fun eating, drinking and tooting around town!
It's time to fill in my leaf, which seems to take forever but that's how beading goes!
 And at night I'm hand stitching my challenge piece for our 'Song' theme quilt for the Art Quilters Around the World.

Yes, this past Wed. was 99 cent margarita night!  We enjoyed a night out with Jerry & Sherry
Thursday nights are dinner at Blanca's with the gang!

Verna, Ron and Mac

In between all this eating, I have been 'planking'!  No it's not like 'twerking'!  UGH!  That's a whole other post!  Planking is a form of yoga for stretching and conditioning your body!  I love it!!!  Your body is suppose to be level just like a plank of wood!    I've been planking for a few weeks now...still only at 20-40 seconds each 'plank' (not sure that's what they call each segment) but it feels so good and my back and some joints are lovin it as well!
I have to get Bob to take a picture sometime when I'm planking because Kalee planks too!  Well, not really but for two of the 3 sets I do, she bows down on her front end and her back end is up in the air!  Now it's not a true plank position but it's so cute!
Today is humid (72 @ 10:30) with rain expected this afternoon.  Kalee and I haven't taken our a.m. mile walk yet so I better get moving!  Bob's off to golf before the rain this afternoon!  Dinner at home tonight!


  1. The week may have disappeared but the beading project will still be there when you are's going to be spectacular!

  2. I love hearing about your busy weeks. Lots of socializing and creative work.

    I've been cooking, and baking and stitching and watching- the games that is- and the week flies by. It snowed yet again today...
    xx, Carol

  3. Your beaded leaf is lovely and goes so well with your blog leaf banner. Lovely little stitches on your secret project. Planking! I almost lost it when I read that...the visual image of you laying as flat and still between two car bumpers just hit me! I have a granddaughter who was planking and it wasn't for calm yoga. Too Funny!!! Life is Good and we retirees are blessed after years of hard work...

  4. Your week was a sure a far site better than mine! Although I did get some sewing on the sibling quilts done.


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