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Saturday, February 8, 2014 what!

Before I show my finished project, check out what I received from my blog friend, Sherry, over at  Createology!   I've never met Sherry but feel that I know her so well from her blog posts and our emails.  I enjoy reading her  posts and seeing all of her creativity in each and every one!  
Actually, the picture should be turned as her gift is a fabric ornament, hence, you see some string  on the right side!  Thank you again, my friend!!!!
  If you go to Sherry's blog, you'll see how she made these.  Cathedral Windows??  I remember making some quilt blocks with a similar pattern.
Yep, I've finished my fiber cards and now thinking about what to do next.  I have several projects to pick from just don't know which I want to start!  Maybe something that's not even on my list yet!  That's what I love about what I can do what you want, when you want to...except for Valentine fiber cards!  There's a deadline on those!


  1. Robbie Dear your Valentine fiber cards are stunning. I always love your work and the details you put into everything. I am happy to see the ornament mailed safely and glad you like it. Happy Hearts Indeed...

  2. The cards look great, and you did well on the timing. The beading for the hearts looks chunky and very touchable. Hope you can make it to guild on the 20th for Sue Cleveland lecture. I think there is one seat left in her class for the following day. Cute ornament.. off to check it out.


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