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Sunday, February 2, 2014

How many hours? Who cares!

I have to admit, I've always been amused when folks ask me "how long did/does it take you to make a 'quilt'?"  I answer honestly..."I don't know!  I didn't/don't keep track."

Well, I got thinking last night as I was working away on my Valentine fiber cards just how much time it is taking don't get me wrong...I don't really care other than I have a target date in my own mind for completing the 28 cards I have started (which is to have in the mail this coming Friday!).

So, here's what I calculated as I timed myself last night (on beading and back stitch):1 hour - back ground stab stitch and 1.5 hours - beading hearts.  Now I still haven't taken into account the three pieced backgrounds I did...seems to me I made one a day so we'll say 1.5 hours each so that's another 4.5 hours.
Next up I have to print off the labels onto Solvy Totally Stable, which I've already colored with pastels...that didn't take any time at all but the printing and cutting will take some time.

Then I have to iron on labels, trim and then machine edge each card.  I haven't a clue how long that will take but I should be able to machine edge and finish at least 6-8 cards an hour???

So, for 28 cards and some will have taken me.....

28 cards X's 2 hours (avg beading and bkgd)= 56 hrs; + 3.5 hrs for finishing 28 cards (avg 8 in an hour), + 4.5 hours for the pieced bkgd + I'll say 1 hour to print off/cut up labels = 65 hours to hopefully give folks a smile when they receive their mail!!  Guess I better get off the computer and get busy!   Now I just hope someone asks me how long it took me to make these!  This time I'll have a  good answer!


  1. So do you back stitch the heart shape by hand first and then do the other stitch? Or do you do it by machine. Just wondering.

  2. The cards look so pretty. Each and ever person that gets one will treasure it! I get annoyed when people ask me how long my bead embroidered pieces take. I don't exactly know why.

  3. These are delightful, no matter the time! It is an interesting calculation though. I don't keep track either, mainly because I bounce around between projects and could never come up with a time estimate.

  4. These are going to be gorgeous works of art. It is frustrating to even think about how many hours each one takes. And people wonder why art costs so much! You aren't even calculating the time you spent just thinking and planning what you were going to do, or the cost of materials. These are gems, priceless gems. You have some lucky Valentines!

  5. We never really admit to how many hours we work on something...kind of like how much money we "really" spent on supplies. Your cards are time consuming works of art my friend. Joyful Stitching Dear...


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