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Friday, January 31, 2014

Reveal Time!

Finally, I can show the piece I completed for the online challenge, Art Quilts Around the World - Art Nouveau!   And yes, I pretty much copied what I had posted on the AQAW blog today!  No sense in reinventing the wheel!  I'd just say the same thing!!  Do take a look on the AQAW blog and see some great pieces!!!
For my quilt, I traced a design onto Tyvek fabric, then painted the piece using the colors of paint I had with me in Florida!  Fortunately, I had a piece of painted background also with me that just seemed perfect.
I spray basted the painted Tyvek onto the background then free motion quilted the entire piece.  After quilting, the fun really began!  This is where you take an iron or soldering iron to your piece and burn away the painted areas!   I like to use a soldering iron for the edges of the Tyvek fabric but didn't bring mine with me so had to rely on the iron.

I love painting and burning Tyvek, as you can see by a blog post I did in 2011.  Hope everyone enjoyed this challenge and are getting ready for the next one!!!


  1. it's gorgeous! love the burning, and the colors are so pretty, but i love those petals and swirls the best! nice job, well done!

  2. This is stunningly beautiful in the perfect colors and quilting. Then I see your burned holes and almost fainted. You are very brave my dear. I do so love Art Nouveau and your work is breathtaking. Joyful Creative Bliss Dear...

  3. Yes....what a successful piece; the color - balance - quilting motifs - and texture....all rolled into one stunning piece of eye candy!

  4. This is just lovely- graceful motifs and luscious colors, with just a touch of burnt intrigue! Well done.

  5. This is a lovely, graceful design. Beautiful work!

  6. i keep coming back to these pictures. These pieces are spectacular!


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