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Friday, January 3, 2014

Back to art work!

OK, so for a day we won't be eating out with friends so Bob golfed and I worked on my challenge for Art Quilters Around the World.  The theme is Art Nouveau, which I picked!  I made good progress but can't show much!  So this is all you get to see until the end of January!

And I did play with making a horse using foiling for my Ugo piece...This is the background piece I least I think that's what I'll use it just seems to be calling for lots of hand stitching so I'm not sure
if I'll use it or make another background.

My foiled horse!  

And here are some pics from our New Years Day celebration at Marilyn & John's!  They are such great hosts and so nice to be with our friends again!!  Isn't this center piece lovely!  It was made by Jan and really was a great addition to the food table!

This was the food table before all the food was put out!  There was SO much food and each dish was wonderful!!!

It was cold here today...mainly due to the wind, which isn't the best for golfers!  Ask me how I know this!!  Kalee and I did go for a walk but I dressed warm enough so the wind didn't bother me that much!  Of course, Kalee loved it!  Let's hope the warm weather, minus the wind, comes back to Ocala!!  We hear there's another snow storm coming to Michigan on Sunday!!  Just in time for kids to go back to school and to work!  UGH...


  1. Both of your new projects are so intriguing.....can't wait for updates!!!

    GO PACKERS!!!!!

  2. Lovely colors on your sneak peek. Your foil horse is beautiful. Ringing in the New Year with friends is a great way to begin 2014...


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