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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Where did the week go!!!

I guess with eating and drinking out so much my week has flown by!  I've been trying to not show so many Margarita pictures this SIL already thinks I drink way too many!  He's only kidding me (I think!)....anyway, we did get to our favorite Mexican restaurant this week for our 99 cent margarita!!   And we were joined by another two of our favorite folks (we have so many favorites!!), Karah and Howard!
We had a great time with them and the food was great as were the margarita's!  YUM....the next day, Bob was golfing about an hour away, so he missed out on a dinner at the restaurant here in the community.  There were five couples & me!  And yes, (Jeff!) I had my margarita!  Dinner and the company were great and we had a really nice time.  Yesterday, when Bob and his buddies finished golfing they called the wives to join them at the clubhouse/restaurant so we ended up having drinks and dinner!  Three days of eating out!!  I'm making meatloaf tonight!  Need some home cooking...although, the food here is great!!  Haven't had a bad meal yet!  
Now, beside eating, I have been doing some sewing!  And here's the proof!  I started making a QAYG sqare to use as background for my fiber cards.
And I turned the 21" square into these!
I ended up making another square using the reds I have so I'm up to 12 cards which I'll do some hand stitching on.  But then I asked my Q buddy, Susan, if she had any scrap strips I could take off her hands....and she gave me a large zip lock bag full of them!
So I turned those strips into this background!
Of course, it's very traditional looking but I'm going to try something different with this piece, again using it for my fiber post cards......

Today, I'm going to work on my Art Nouvea piece for the online challenge.  It's due the end of the month, so I'd like to finish it up by tomorrow...or at least have all the quilting done and ready for facing. 

I'm headed to my sister's on Monday staying until Wed.  Then it's a BD celebration for me on Thursday and attending a BD celebration for Susan's hubby on Saturday!   It's quite warm here again today but we've sure had lots of rain off and on.  The humidity was so high, which is quite unusual for Ocala in the winter.  We don't normally have high humidity until later in the spring and even then it's not near as bad as back in Michigan in the summer.  But I guess a little rain, humidity and temps in the 60-80's is better than snow, ice and cold!  I'm a lucky gal!

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  1. Being busy and enjoying the good life with friends and family does make the days rush past. I love the reds and blacks of your fiber post cards backings...very dramatic. Cheers to enjoying life my friend...


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