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Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

I had one of the best BD's yesterday!!!
It started out with Bob giving me a beautiful card!  Then off for a nice walk with Kalee...a beautiful morning...then I did some sewing on my fiber cards then off to Carrabba's for dinner with three other couples!  We had a wonderful dinner then back to the house for us to enjoy a cake from Betty Cakes!  It's an Almond Joy cake and it was wonderful!  I actually ordered it while I was at my sisters and picked up on my way home Wed.  If you live in the Ocala area, I'm sure you know of Betty Cakes and if you don't, you should!

This cake was amazing!  But there was also a lot of it!  I gave Carol, Jan and Peggy each some to take home and Bob and I still have enough for another piece tonight!  I usually make a special cake that Bob only gets once a year but decided, while at my sisters, I was craving an almond joy cake from Betty Cakes!
For about the last five or six years, we've been going to Carrabba's for my BD dinner (except I saw one year we ended up at Stumpknocker's!  that was in 2008!  Hmmmmm).  It's so nice to have friends to share special days with you.  Bob and I are very lucky to have such great friends here in Florida!
And....speaking of friends, look at what Jan gave me for my BD!

The shawl is BEAUTIFUL!  and of course in my colors!!!  and look at the brooch she gave me too!!

I don't want folks to give me gifts but I'm not going to give these back to Jan!!!  Thank you my friend...I'll think of you every time I wear them!!!

And back in Michigan before we left town, I had lunch with my friend, Mary.  She gave me a BD gift but told me I couldn't open it until my birthday.  I was good and fact, I forgot where I put the gift bag and had to search for it in the closet!  But look at what she gave me!

This is a pin cushion from Linda Kemshall!  Mary and I both are followers of Linda and Laura's work.  I saw where Linda had painted birds and Laura had printed them onto fabric so she could make pin cushions.  I even thought of purchasing one but figured I'd wait until after Christmas!!  I was so excited when I opened the box!!!  So thank you too, Mary!!!!

What special gifts from everyone!!!  From my sister (chocolate gift box!) to Jan to Mary!  You each know me so well!  And thank you all for the wonderful cards I received!!!!  Some are a hoot, which I just might have to share on my blog!!!  And others are just special because they are from my friends!!  I guess having a birthday isn't all that bad after all!


  1. Happy (and SWEET) Birthday to you!!!

  2. Happy Birthday gifts from family and friends and eating cake is such Joy! Birthday Bliss Dear...
    P.S. I am glad you found your little charm Angel.

  3. Happy birthday to you! The gifts are lovely. Especially that pin cushion! Glorious!

  4. A fun-filled b'day for sure. Oh my, that cake! And after Carabba's.... could it get better?


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