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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back to some mono printing!

It's a perfect day to do some painting and since I need some background fabric for an upcoming project, I decided to mono print!  The lanai was the perfect spot to work in today.  Temp is in the upper 60's (68 as I type this) and sun shining with no wind!

So this was my work 'table'...the small table on the left was covered and my plate set up for creating the mono print.

The towel on the floor was covered with plastic then my fabric placed on top.

This is a piece of batik I actually bought here in Florida several years ago.  

And off I went!!  I keep telling folks how I like to document what I'm doing so I remember a technique if I want to do it again.  Well,  I forgot to look back when I created my background fabric for Tommy's challenge.  For some reason, I thought I had to have two pieces of for mixing my paint and one for creating my print.  Fortunately (or not!), I had brought my glass with me to Florida....only thing is I really didn't need either glass!
Duh...I could have mixed the paint on a paper plate or other flat surface....and I forgot (because I didn't go back and look at my own process) I used a plastic scrapbook folder to make my print with.  It's so much easier to use the plastic and push the print onto your fabric rather than a piece of glass!  DUH!  I know I said 'plate' in my post but I meant plastic!

All printed and ready to dry!

Just a few closeups of the mono print design.

The background colors are a mix of tan, green and grey.  I'm hoping my idea of stamping some hearts on it will work out.  I'm not sure what color I'll use for the hearts so they'll be a lot of practice pieces I'm sure.  The main focal point will be a larger heart sewn onto the final background!  Yep, it's fiber Valentine postcard time!!!

I have loin pork chops cooking in sauerkraut and the smell is amazing!  Bob's golfing early today so I know he'll be hungry when he gets home.  But first, we'll take Kalee for her golf cart ride.  She gets SO excited when her dad comes home, as she knows she's going for a ride, regardless of the weather!


  1. That is awesome! I have only watched the mono printing being done. Never actually done it. I need to play with that I think. I love the stencil/mask you used on this one. Makes it look 3-D.

  2. A great result from your printing! Sunday was a gorgeous day for sure- we were at a horse show in Tampa, and it was just lovely.

  3. Your mono-print fabric is lovely. How fun that you experiment and do. I merely think about it without ever doing it. I am seeing Valentine things everywhere. Happy Creating...


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