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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What a great time!!!

What a great time I had visiting with my sister the past 3 days!!!  I'm so lucky that she lives less than two hours from us in Florida!   We had such a good time...just laughing, reminiscing and of course, eating and drinking!
But before we started laughing too hard, I wanted to show my sister how to 'arm knit' a scarf...well, we ended up laughing a lot!   I did post on FaceBook a picture of my sister with both her wrists tied in yarn!  It was a hoot and we had quite a laugh!

We decided that we had laughed enough so we slipped the stitches onto a hanger loop so we could go to dinner!
Off, we headed to a local Mexican restaurant for a wonderful dinner!  And of course, because it's Florida, Happy Hour!  My sister and Nani, Nancy's mom (Nancy was back in Penna. working!)  had wine and I had.....just guess....come on....just guess!  YEA!  Ya win!  I had Margarita's and they were delicious!

Tuesday we started off by MaryAnn finishing her scarf and even wore it when we did some errands
It really turned out great!  Doesn't my sister look beautiful!

We ran errands and did some sight seeing Tuesday then came home to prepare dinner.  And walk dogs!!  My sister has two dogs and of course we had to work off our food and drinks!

Last night while waiting for a friend to join in dinner, I took some pictures of the sunset!

The colors were beautiful and reflected on the pond behind their house.

Of course, you can never capture the beauty of sunsets with the average camera but these are pretty true to what the sky and water looked like.    After oohing over the sunset, we sat down to a fantastic meal my sister prepared...roasted broccoli, chopped salad and Parmesan coated Tiliapa with roasted red pepper and onions.  AND for dessert we had fresh picked strawberries we picked up from the market.  They are so sweet you don't even need sugar on them!!  My sister even gave me a large bowl of them to bring home.  YUM...

I arrived home around 1 this afternoon and look what was in my car!!!  This was from my sister...she's such a sneak!!!  Lots of chocolate, a new mug and a picture of her!  I love the picture..first of all, she looks beautiful in the picture and, second, I don't have any current photo of her!!!    I tried taking a pic of the picture for my blog but I can't get it turned properly!  Geezzz  Back to that problem again!!  
So thank you again, Mary Ann!!!  It was so great spending time with you!!!!  I miss you already!!!!  And Kalee misses all the dog walks!


  1. Family time is so wonderful!! AND....those FL sunsets.....they look like paintings!

  2. I think you have more fun than anyone I know. Its pretty cool that you get to live near your sis at least 1/2 the year. I don't think I have ever actually seen a sunset that beautiful in person. Love the pics.

    O...Happy Birthday!!

  3. Why eat out when your sister cooks meals like that!! You packed a lot in a short time- glad you had fun. Happy birthday to you.

  4. Lovely seeing all your photos. Your sister is beautiful...just as you are! Lovely arm knit scarf too.


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