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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So what have i been up to??

 What does this look like!!'s time for another arm knitting session!
This time it was with my friend, Peggy!  We had a fun afternoon last week.  Peggy does crochet and makes some really nice items...but this was her first attempt at arm knitting!  I think it turned out great!!

 And yes, it's easier to arm knit while you drink a glass of wine!!  Who knew!  I did!!
So that was one day...the next day, Wed., I headed to the Villages with another friend, Marcia to do some shopping and have lunch.  Think I mentioned that on my last post....then dinner with Jan and Larry on Thursday, Friday off to library and run other errands...Saturday, Susan and I headed south to an art/textile/sewing exhibition.  I did pick up some threads and a really cool little ruler that you use to align your needle for those perfect 1/4 inch seams...haven't tried it yet but I will.
Let's see...Sunday, I think I stayed home!  Woo hoo!
Monday, Carol and I took off to do some tooting around...mall, Bed, Bath, get the picture...of course, we also stopped for lunch at Crispers..which was quite good...just had a salad but very tasty.
Today, was a stay home day as well...and I did get some more work finished on my Valentine fiber cards.

I have almost 30 cards to make this year!!  This is almost like a Christmas card list!  But I enjoy sending them out to family and I've been trying to work on them at night watching TV.  I can get the hearts either beaded or embroidery stitched on two at night (in about 3 hours)...but I still have stab stitching the background, add the address label then use decorative stitching on the edges...I have a long way to go but I''ll get them finished in time!   That is if I can stay to home!

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