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Thursday, January 23, 2014

One of these days I'll stay home!

On Wednesday, Marcia and I head off to the Villages for some shopping and food (of course!).  We had a really nice day even with the wind...actually, it felt quite warm..perhaps, spending $$'s made us warm!  Or it could have been the drinks at lunch..either way, it was a fun day of shopping, laughing and eating!

Today, I headed off to the library and Staples then home to wait for Bob and Larry to get finished with golf.  Off we went to Harry's for dinner!!
Yum!  And what a great dinner we had!!  We always enjoy food at Harry's, and the 2-4-1 drinks help, plus today I had a coupon for a free dessert, which we picked Banana's Foster...our favorite at Harry's...just a nice evening with friends, Larry and Jan!!!
So now, we settle in for a night of watching more episodes of Breaking Bad!  What a series...quite intense but so true to life in many ways!  We are only on series 3, episode 4 or 5!  I think it's 4 or 5 years old!    A ways to go yet but quite a series to watch on Netflix!  At times, hard to watch but....
Still cold a.m.'s here in Florida but it does warm up during the day.  In fact, today it was up to 60!  Yesterday, Bob did get rained out but it sure beats the minus degree's kids are having back in Michigan!


  1. How come you don't weigh 200 lbs with all the food and drink you enjoy.? You are so slim and trim so you must not eat at all between meals out.!! The rest of us foodies out here really want to know !! Glad you're enjoying Breaking Bad. We are DONE after seeing the final episode…some of it viewed thru my hands when it got to be a bit to much.

  2. We watched BB marathon right before the finally. We thought it was great. Now I have HBO GO. We will catch up pnGame of Thrones as we have another snowstorm moving in.I'd love to see the 60's!

  3. I love all your forays into dining and shopping and walking with Kalee. Rain? Send it to us please. Enjoying life dear...


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