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Monday, May 13, 2013

More mono printing

I had another small piece of my 'ugly' fabric so I did some mono printing on it.  You can see the texture more on this piece from using the foam roller on my plate.

This is a nice, full yard, colorful piece and a perfect canvas for mono printing!

I think it turned out really nice with the addition of mono printing.

This is  a closeup of a small section...again showing some of the texture from the roller.  We had our small fiber group meeting today and the ladies seemed to like these pieces.  I'm going to try to incorporate them in my 12"x12" challenge that I have to do.  I've got a few designs already laid out, now to see where/how/if I can use these fabrics.

A cool day today but Kalee and I had a really nice walk tonight (53 & sunny).  We went over a mile and half!!!  Poor little dog...she probably travels at least 3 miles just because she runs the entire time!  I do make her heel and sit periodically just to keep her on her toes...then I tell her to "go sniff" and she runs and runs...looking to make sure I'm still behind her!


  1. This turned out really well! So you took the piece of fabric and added the surface design using the gel plate? Interesting.

  2. It's astonishing how the monoprinting has transformed the fabric!

  3. Love these -- the colors are amazing!


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