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Monday, May 20, 2013

Here we go! Or here we've been!

Just found some old pics of a pillow (it's really big!) I made for Amber back in 2006!  This pillow was so much fun to make...And, at the time, Amber wanted a "puffy" quilt so I made this one for her.  She still has this on her bed (yes, even in the summer!)'s not used as a spread anymore but used as a 'blanket'.  I tied this quilt one weekend when Bob headed up north for a golfing weekend.  I worked the entire weekend finishing it up!  But I do like the'll see why I'm showing old projects later in this post!

What is this, you say!!  On Saturday, I picked up Amber and Nick and headed off to the dog park in Lake Orion for the Michigan Basset Rescues Waddles weekend!

Bob's daughter, Diane & her hubby, Don, are quite active in the rescue.  I took the kids last year and it's a hoot seeing all these Bassets running all over!!!

Diane and Don work really hard throughout the year with the rescue and did so for this weekend as well.
I just love seeing all the dogs!  And even some 'non-bassets'!

It's a great location for this type of dog event...a huge fenced in area so no worry about losing your dog!  Although, I would worry that someone could take my dog!!  But that's just me!

Bob is off golfing and I've got a busy, busy week!!  Today will be bathing Kalee, getting food stuff ready for Bob's week and trying to get some sewing finished up so I can do hand work while at the kids. Like I'll have time!!!  NOT!  But I feel better taking something with me to work on.

We are having Florida weather right the 80's and finally put the air on yesterday!  I'd much prefer having the widows open but we finally succumbed to the heat!  I should have some of my projects to post within the next 10 days!  Working on two different projects that I can't post progress on until due dates!!!


  1. Waddles weekend- would you please!? But that's a perfect description. What fun. Next time add an ear weigh-in event! Prize for the heaviest, longest, etc. ha!

  2. Waddles weekend...very funny. Good thing it is the dogs who waddle. Love the pillow and quilt that is so loved to this day. Happy Busy Days...


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