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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Plugging along....

Still doing my spring cleaning and purging!!  I have to admit I enjoy the "purge" when we get back from Florida!  Such a good feeling to get organized and get rid of items that I haven't used nor do I need anymore.

No art work for me right now but hopefully soon!  Since I don't like a post without pics, I thought I'd post and old piece.

No, this quilt isn't one I 'purged''s a quilt I made for my daughter several years ago.  Dawn is an avid photographer, going on photo ops and workshops whenever she can.  I've used several of her photo's in my art work and this is a flower she photographed somewhere in Detroit years ago.  I had it printed on fabric, which at that time there was no Spoonflower!  The piece measures 20+" x 30"+ or around that.  It's hanging in Dawn & Jeff's home.  I love the flower and I was happy with how it turned out.

Today, just enjoying our spring weather and perfect for opening all the windows and smelling the fresh air!!


  1. Lovely quilt! And speaking of "plugging", I recommended your blog in response to a Facebook question about blogs posted by Superior Threads. My blog is languishing at the moment, but will post again. Haven't done much sewing of late. That needs to change! Have a good weekend.

  2. So very special to honor your daughter's love of photography with your love of quilting. Stunning! Spring Cleaning Bliss...

  3. wow...that's a gorgeous quilt and beautiful quilting


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