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Monday, May 6, 2013


We finally made it home around 7:30 Saturday evening, as we ended up leaving right after Kayla's graduation.  We never hit any traffic or backups at all so the drive was good.  Of course, being the type A folks we are, everything was unloaded from the car, all the clothes put in drawers or hung up and after about an hour it looked like we had never left.  Of course, I still needed to hook up printer and my art room has all my supplies still in boxes or bags.  I like to do my spring cleaning when we return, so that room will be last on my list.  
Yesterday, I headed to the grocery store, worked on laundry and starting the cleaning while Bob took care of some house and yard chores.   Bob is off for golf today and I'll run to pick up our mail and go to the library for some books.  I'll take Kalee with me...she has been a doll this trip!  And she and I both made it through her overnight stay!!
Hopefully, I'll get to some artwork by this weekend!  Check out this link!  It's some ideas for raising kids!  what a hoot!  But I can see how some of them would work!


  1. Glad you had a safe trip. Sounds as if you hit the ground running! Have a great summer and fall.

  2. Very thankful you had a safe and uneventful trip home. I would never have so much done as you. I am so not an A type personality. It is always good to be home after being gone...


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