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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A small sneak peek!

Just a sneak peak at one of my projects I've been working on.  I did run out of beads so have to (yes, HAVE to - I need an excuse - NOT!) stop at the bead store when I go to kids on Wed.  There is a bead store in Oxford so hopefully, they'll have the right color I need.  Wish I would have checked when I was at Beadin' Mon last Friday!  

I've been busy, busy the past two days.. and the rest of this week will be busy as well!  This afternoon, I'm heading down to meet my friend, Carol T., to go with her to assist in a trunk show she's doing.  Carol will be talking about our exhibit, Inspired by the Masters (if you do a search on my blog, you'll see some of the pieces I've done). 
I'll play 'Vanna White' and hold the quilts while Carol talks about each of them.  The presentation is actually for a group of artists (watercolor/acrylic) called the Artifacts Art Club and they hold their monthly meeting at the Livonia Civic Center Library.  Only drawback is the meeting doesn't start until 7:30 p.m. so we'll be out late tonight!   My car does turn into a pumpkin after a certain point in time so sure hope I make it home in time!  

Wed. I'll be packing up Kalee and I to head to the kids for five days!  I'm looking forward to having time with the kids and so is Kalee!  She loves the kids and loves playing with the cats!  So that's my plan...not sure how much I'll be posting.  I do have hand work to take with me for the 'downtimes' I may have!  Hope I get lots of stitching done!!  And I hope no 'saga' like we had a few years ago with 'Sybil'.  You have to read that post here!  Funny now but at the time, whew!


  1. Once again your colors and textures and details are stunning. The beading really shows well. One never needs an excuse to go to any bead store. They are very small and once paid for fit very nicely into our purses making it look like we didn't buy anything at all. ;o)
    Safe Travels Dear...


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