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Sunday, May 12, 2013

What a nice Mother's Day!

What a wonderful Mother's Day!  Dawn had us all over for breakfast this a.m.  SO nice to see everyone and have time to talk and catch up!!

Uncle Jeff & Dawn....well, if I  had dark(er) hair or Dawn had blond hair, she would look more like her mom!

And Kris and Darrin....OK, so neither of my kids look like me!  At least they got the good genes from their dad!

They are all the best around....and you should see all the presents I got!!!

Check this out!!!  Yep...those are margarita glasses and of course, my favorite drink!!  Do they know me well!!!  Kris also got me a beautiful blouse w/matching necklace/earrings.

Dawn got me some really neat, fun items for the kitchen!  I love gadgets and Dawn is so good at finding those unusual and useful gifts....she also made up some greeting cards for both Kris and I using some of her wonderful floral/butterfly pictures she's taken.

A lettuce Keeper

An Herb Keeper!
A scrap tray

THANK you kids!!!!  Bob and I enjoyed the meal so much (Amber you did a great job helping Auntie too!!!)....and just being with family again was a perfect mother's day gift!!!


  1. Your have a very beautiful and loving family dear. Happy Mother's Day...


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