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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shut the front door!

Not all of you who follow my mom, follow my name is Kalee!  Mom is really busy so I took over for her today!  This is why she's busy!

We're leaving here?  We're going where?  I'm staying with other dogs!!  Without mom and dad!  Are you kidding me!!!  

I can't believe mom kept all this a secret from me.  I know she's been busy cleaning and putting stuff in big cases but I kinda forgot what those 'cases' are for!  TRAVELING!  

Guess we are heading home!!!  AND mom just told me I'm staying overnight ALL by myself, without my mom and dad from Friday to Sunday morning!!!   Mom said she and dad are going to college.  I think they're too go to college!  But Mom said something about a graduation for Kayla (guess that's a grand daughter).  I don't understand any of it...except I'm going to be really sad. 

I don't want to tell mom but I am looking forward to doggie day care!  Mom says I get to spend Saturday - all day- playing with doggies my own size.  She also told me that at noon, I'll be given a treat then I have to take a nap.  Mom said they have a Bose system (like I really care about that!) and they play classical music so it puts us to sleep.   I think it's just to drown out the barking.  I know I'll be barking!!   After that we get to play some more, then dinner...then we're in for the night in our crate.  She said someone comes by between 10 - 11 p.m. to check on us.   I just know I'll be really happy to see mom and dad on Sunday!   And I know I'll get even with them...unless I have a really, really fun time!  Then I'll give them lots of kisses!!!  Or maybe I'll be the best little doggie ever so they never leave me again!!  So many options...


  1. Music to sleep by? What more could a pup want? Safe travels!

  2. Hi Kalee. You did a fine post substituting for mom. You really have the sad look down in this photo. I think you will have fun at camp. Lots of playmates and new surroundings to explore. I think mom will miss you more than you know. Safe travels on your trip to college and camp...

  3. You will be so tired from playing with your new friends that you will hear one note of that classical music and fall right to sleep until it is time to get up and play some more and the next thing you know it will be your mom there to pick you up again!


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