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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Winding down

Well, of course you'll see a margarita on my blog from time to time...ok, more often than not so had to share another picture before we head home next week.  Actually, we'll be on the road this time next week heading to Indiana for Kayla's college graduation!
The winding down from our winter vacation deals with quite a bit of eating out!!  So far we've eaten out Tues. &  last night..

My sister saw these pics on FB that I posted and she thought we looked sad...actually, I think we were all on a break from laughing!  We had a great time with everyone and did have lots of, good food and drinks...

This afternoon, Jan and I are heading off the Planet Cosmo for our root dye and hair cut!!  Should be a fun afternoon then on to dinner.  Tonight we're heading out with the remainder of Ocala Palms friends to our favorite Italian restaurant, Carmine's.  Then on Sat we're going to dinner at Susan's and Harvey's and Monday it's with some other golfing friends and spouses for dinner at the restaurant here in the community.  I still have two meals in the freezer so hopefully we'll get to eat them or else they'll be left for Jan and Larry!


  1. I think we are eating out as much as you are lately. So many birthday celebrations and friends getting together. Enjoy your winding down in Margaritaville. Smiles...

  2. It's thirsty work, all that eating out! Hope you have a safe trip home.

  3. Now that looks like El Toreo. Who could be sad there? I always feel just a little guilty that I don't cook and bake like I once did. But I'm trying to talk myself out of that, and just enjoy it! So many good places to eat.


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